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Value Proposition

Helps to lead the development, implementation and evaluation of systems and processes to ensure highly effective operation and improved reputation of the school.

Saves Paper through a robust, responsive and hassle free digital platform that saves significant costs on stationery.

Increases organizing efficiency to the maximum as tracking the events and patrons become extremely easy.

Helps in improving the speed of operations as connecting with the parents and the partner organizations becomes just a matter of few clicks hence significantly reducing errors.

Coordinators can focus on other important tasks essential for better management of events and day to day activities on a regular basis.

Software based platform and payment gateway that helps to create instant reports and track the event progressions.

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School FAQ's

Every school associated with us stands a great chance to benefit through our novel concept. Registering with us is an absolutely free process which would engage the school coordinator in a hassle free experience altogether. The restaurants would be paying a stipulated percentage of the order fees as the service cost .The “highlight” of this system is that it provides a great opportunity to the schools to contribute towards the local business by partnering with them as well generating a significant corpus for themselves. Not only that, in addition they can avail benefits of 10% of the profit from Bcoz Eat matters as a pay back to the society.

We will be making all the necessary arrangements for the transactions through our integrated digital architecture. We will be the nexus between the restaurants and the clienteles who choose our platform for placing the order. Your financial data and payment details will be available on your account under the “Order Details ” tab. On the day of the order we will pay the restaurants in the due course.

Yes! Bcoz Eat matters is a novel and authentic platform to raise funds. We ensure that the food we provide renders health and happiness as well as sustenance to our partner organizations. We aim to help schools to grow and prosper so that education is affordable to all. The fund we support to raise helps the schools to improve the infrastructure and facilities that they provide to the students.

It depends on the restaurant you are working with. There will be an option which mentions whether the restaurant offers toppings or similar additional condiments. These options can vary between restaurant locations and brands. If in case a particular option is not available on the restaurant’s menu, you can manually enter it while furnishing the order form.

You have both the options to Register the students into the portal. You can either register the student manually one by one or you can import the list of multiple students in the required excel format into the portal to register multiple students at a click.

Bcoz Eat Matters Customer service has an expert team on board that not just supports you technically but will also guide you through the entire process. We are available round the clock to assist you in getting started, selection of your preferred restaurant, fill your first order form, or any other technical assistance required for a hassle free experience. Our experts provide extended support to make your experience a startling one. School Coordinators will have access to the customer support portal all the time throughout the entire academic year.

Our partner restaurants serve tasting menus that highlight the best produce we can source from across country. Every school account incorporates a range of our enrolled restaurants that are available to serve. The options are determined based on your school’s vicinities. You can check out the available options on your account by selecting the Menu “Restaurant”. Bcoz Eat Matters accepts entries of new restaurants which are determined to serve quality food throughout the year. We also undertake references and suggestions if any from School lunch coordinators. We need the recommendations of restaurants from the coordinators and ensure exceptional quality and professional standards.

Yes we do! We BEM want only the choicest restaurants on board that symbolize quality. We ensure that our partner restaurants have a prolonged association with us hence the order history is automatically intact and regularly updated in our database. These restaurants derive multiple benefits by registering with us.

By in large the school coordinator is the one who will be determining the amount of funds generated through this system. The difference of selling cost and product cost as well as the 10% profit sharing from Bcoz Eat Matters’s towards pay back to the society. You will be asked to enter the Selling Cost to Students as “School Price” for each available item through the product cost mentioned by the restaurants as “Restaurant Price” while creating an order form.

Not at all, there are no benchmarks set or any stipulations imposed regarding the number of orders. Neither your school is required to sign or enter in any sort of contact. Just sign up and you are good to go.

In case if a student doesn't have access to computes,they can utilize the BEM portal via smart phones as it has a highly responsive mobile friendly interface.If the parents don't want to pay online they can contact the school coordinator and ask for the order on the student's behalf against spot cash payment.

Parents have entire freedom when ordering and paying for meals. They can opt for a single order or multiple orders available on their account. Though there would be a clause that there wouldn’t be any option to change or modification of the order after the expiry of the cutoff date which is 5 days prior to the event.

Setting up your first lunch order is quite instant. Your first order form can be set up in 3-5 minutes once you have selected the restaurant you choose and confirm their availability. You can post an order form on your account by going to the “Create Event” tab.

No, You can set up as many orders as you require throughout the period of week, month and academic year.