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Value Proposition

Extremely convenient to use due to the Agile digital platform that ensures ease of handling and quick response. The robust interface ensures easy payments and menu selection.

Interactive digital framework that ensures that the care takers can sort and decide the menus, this makes it quite handy for children who have any kind of allergies towards a particular food ingredient.

Secured payment gateway by elavon ,which is considered as one of the best payment service providers in the world.

Encrypted data flow that ensures privacy protection and in turn safeguards the credentials of the user.

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Care Taker FAQ's

No issues! Even if your senior go to different senior homes/Programs, You can manage all your senior in a single account, provided you have the same email id for all senior while adding them by the respective care coordinator.

Yes,you can edit your order till the payment is not executed.If in case you choose to cancel the order then you can do so 5 days prior to the event date.You will get the refund of your executed payment within 1-2 weeks from the date of cancellation.The process of cancellation can be opted by clicking the order tab followed by selecting the event you need to cancel.

No, You just need to create an account once with Bcoz Eat Matters. That account will remain operational throughout your association with us.

In case of senior home change, no need to create a new account. Your account is linked through the unique email id and phone number,the BEM Portal will directly fetch and retrieve the data of students from the senior home's database. As soon as the new senior home authority updates the data of your senior in the BEM portal, it will reflect in your account.

It easy, You can view your receipts by clicking on the ‘My Orders History’ tab and download the receipt from there.

The cutoff date remains constant at 5 days prior to the event date, in case of any variabilities, you will be notified by the senior home prior to the specified date.

We know that one cannot be ready for sudden occurrences, getting sick one of them. You can always contact your senior home and make arrangements to pick up the order or avail the option of donating it to other senior.

Absolutely! Our Restaurants are well scrutinized. The list of our partner Restaurants registered with Bcoz Eat Matters comprises some of the best restaurants in the town.

The price of every order will include a payment processing fee which will be 2.99% of the total Order. This fee will be charged every time a transaction is processed online using Visa, MasterCard, or INTERAC Online. This fee is paid by the merchant payment partners. Care takers will not be charged with Taxes like (HST/GST) for the orders.

Every senior home has a separate and customized Event. The order forms are created by your care coordinator. They are responsible for selecting the Restaurants, menu options, pricing and dates.