About Us

Humbleness Doesn’t Cost A Dime But Leaves An Impact That Never Fades Away.

Bcoz Eat matters is an online platform created by a team of ecopreneurs (social entrepreneurs) who envision a world where care and nourishment are the building blocks of the society.

We believe in creating an ecosystem that facilitates hassle-free ordering and delivery of quality food and simultaneously helping the schools, old age homes, and fundraising events to raise a comprehensive corpus needed to meet their requirements and in turn contribute to the society.

Supporting us will take forward, and efficient profit-sharing framework with local charitable organizations. We ensure that the food we provide renders health and happiness as well as sustenance to our partner organizations.

Our Journey

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social being & not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”- WHO (World Health Organization)

“Life is full of events” our journey started with an event happened to our close friend who recently moved to a long term care facility with several health conditions.

He motivated and inspired us to initiate a platform to engage one generation to another where we can nurture the Core of Humanity through love and compassion.

B'Coz Eat Matters provides a collaborative online delivery platform for healthy eating practices leading to a healthy life and healthy sole.

We endure towards creating a healthy mindset as an investment in the overall well being of humans as our continuous journey.....